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Protect Yourself With E.S.P.

'Diane Reeve thought she had finally found the great love
of her life—that is, until she found out he was cheating,
had been for years. She was heartbroken. But that was
nothing compared to the unthinkable news that came
next: Philippe Padieu, the man she had loved for more
than four years, had been intentionally infecting as many
women as possible with HIV.
Despite plummeting t-cell numbers and declining
health, Diane vowed to stop Philippe from victimizing
anyone else. In a race against time, she tracked down as
many of his conquests as possible. Against all odds, this
unlikely sisterhood made legal history, successfully
prosecuting Padieu and sending him to prison for assault
with a deadly weapon. This fascinating case--won only
through the help of new DNA science--is Diane's story of
victory and her mission to bring awareness and
empowerment to others.

Standing Strong


Diane Reeve with Jenna Glatzer

Coming April 2016.  Preorders available now at Amazon.com