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At Datestronger, we strive to be the go-to resource for all your dating safety concerns. As a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to providing the most current and comprehensive answers to issues of emotional, sexual, and physical protection during the dating process. No matter your age, gender, race, sexuality, or dating experience level, navigating the many and varied dating resources can be confusing.

We're here to give you real world answers to promote your health and well-being. Our comprehensive database of nationally recognized organizations  provide the resources you need-- for risk reduction or a post traumatic event.

One of our goals is to grow in outreach with Corporate Partnerships and Corporate Sponsorships which will lead to additional resources, research, education, and empowerment for those who visit our site.

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About Diane Reeve

Diane Reeve

Diane Reeve has been the sole owner and CEO  of Vision Martial Arts Center for almost 20 years.
She is a loving mother and grandmother, and a survivor. Reeve currently holds a M.Ed. and BS in nursing. She attained the rank of 7th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, is a published author, and has received numerous awards for her courageous activism for justice.  She is also the author of Standing Strong